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Hi all,

Hope you're starting to enjoy the changes and improvements that are now comming through on a regular basis. 😊

LinexMC is calling for all you members out there who know your Cracked Stone Bricks from your Chiseled Stone Brick and your Dark Oak from your Spruce. Fancy joining the build team as we move onto the next phase of developement on the server.

If you feel you've got what it takes to join our Build Team, we are looking for new builders to join our Build Team to help with the plans we have for the next set of developements for the server, apply now!


By cobrex, 15 days ago
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Weekly Report 

By Beeeff, 2 months ago
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Welcome to the LinexMC

Server website!

Welcome to the server website, This website was made for the community. We need a outside place to have applications, competitions, and community disscusions. This website will give us all of those features and more!

I am glad to say with the support of my friends I have been able to finish this server in record time. On that note we will offically be launching the server at 8:0...

By Beeeff, 3 months ago
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