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Beta Launch

 Started by Beeeff

Welcome to the LinexMC

Server website!

Welcome to the server website, This website was made for the community. We need a outside place to have applications, competitions, and community disscusions. This website will give us all of those features and more!

I am glad to say with the support of my friends I have been able to finish this server in record time. On that note we will offically be launching the server at 8:00pm CST. Come and join us for a fun drop party event which you wont want to miss out on! As far as new players, we may not have a bunch of new players tomorrow but definetly overtime as we stay a active community and keep constantly updating new content, the server will gain more players. We are not mainly focused on players because they will come overtime. Mainly we are focused on player gameplay quality. We believe as a staff team that the most important value of our server is the community aspect. We want the players to make the decisions! We will also be using the website to vote and debate over new server changes.

I am very proud to announce the server opening after only 4 months of preparation and planning. Since this is the final update in the developement phase of the server, I am offically pushing the server into beta! Thank you to everyone who supported me and the team along the way. This server is a gift for you, See you all tomorrow night!

By Andrew, 3 months ago
 ♥ Have a great day, Beef! ♥